I have a passion for helping people work more effectively together. And I can work with you to make this happen in your team. I have advised leaders how to get the best from their team, shared strategies to help teams better share information to deliver better results, and provided advice on how to better manage conflict. And in 2013 I received the Excellence in Teaching Award from London Business School (read the award speech here).

A sample of my development modules include:

Leading high performance teams

Understanding why, how, when, and when not to use teams
Tips for better team dynamics

Creating a more engaged workforce 

Understanding the principles of motivation
7 levers to pull to improve employee engagement

Getting Return on Inclusion (ROI) 

Understanding why diversity is necessary, but not sufficient for world-class performance.
Evidence-based advice on achieving the best from diverse teams

Deepening self-awareness 

Understanding the impact each individual has on the people around them using personality assessments, 360 surveys, coaching, etc. Exercises to hone personal brand and improve personal impact and influence

Managing conflict for better collaboration and improved team performance 

Understanding the origins and evolution of conflict in teams.
Strategies for getting positive outcomes from conflict